Brown bowl with inside glazed

Brown bowl with inside glazed



  • Bowl in brown clay, with quartz stones embayed and inside glazed
  • Each piece has a different pattern


Limited series of 6 pieces
Invited artist: José Machado Pires

The ceramic pieces JANS, are produced  in limited series or unique pieces, handmade, each and every piece is made individually which makes it unique. The image  presented may not represent  exactly the piece you acquired which may have minor differences.

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Product Description

X (140), Y (140), Z (62)


The ceramics JANS are created by invited artists and designers – the new artisans – that seek inspiration in local artisanal techniques and in ancestral know-how. The objects mirror the personality of each creator, a common aesthetic view, equal principles and the innovation in the manipulation of natural materials, leading to the creation of contemporary pieces which capture the essence of the Northern Alentejo region, recognized by their origin, authenticity and ancestral knowledge, respecting the environment, land and men, preserving the memory and authenticity of local culture designed in new modern standards.


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