Shop online at jansconcept.pt, superbly crafted clothes, ceramics and cork objects, contemporary pieces crafted in Portugal by artisans, invited artists and designers – the new artisans, recognized by their origin, authenticity and ancestral knowledge which capture the essence of the Northern Alentejo region. Isilda Pelicano’s approach to design, craftsmanship and life are reflected in this innovative brand, that produces unique objects with a contemporary design inspired by ancestral knowledge preserving the memory and authenticity of local culture designed in new modern standards diffusing the essence of the brand: Passion for nature.


The brand renews the traditions of Northern Alentejo in superbly crafted clothes – inspired on a traditional Felt appliqué technique – ceramics and cork objects (a strong focus of this project), created by young designers, alongside inviting renowned and upcoming ceramic artists to create collections that emulate the Alentejo’s pottery tradition.


Under the creative direction of Isilda Pelicano it was established a protocol with “IADE- Creative University “ and Nisa’s Museum of Embroidery and Clay ( “Museu do Bordado e do Barro”), that aim to foster a creative dialogue between the local artisans, a leading Design school and a Museum that represents the traditional and ancestral know-how of this region.


ISILDA PELICANO, founder & Creative Director of JANS concept | Fashion designer


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